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[20 September 2022] Release NotesUpdated a year ago

Released Date

20 September 2022



Feature list


1. Resolved risk of 'double charge' for prepaid and payment plan

Description: Upon making a payment via prepaid or payment plan, the Pay button will now be disabled until the payment status has successfully been updated. The interface will reflect a pending status along with a system message: "Your transaction is processing."




  • Payment status crawler will now proactively crawl for the order item payment status every 3 minutes.

  • Generated transaction links will now expire after 10 minutes. In the event no transaction is recorded, the pending status will be updated to failed after 10 minutes of idle time.



2. Improved Teleportal consignment note layout

Key improvements:

  1. Origin/destination zone slug is now reflected accurately.
  2. Removed unnecessary details: barcodes, pieces, parcel type and commodity values.
  3. Enlarged size of QR code and recipient details.




Old Consignment Note New Consignment Note



3. Removed CSV upload for individual order creation

Description: The option to upload a CSV when adding new destinations has been removed under the single order creation tab. To add multiple destinations via CSV, users will have to now navigate to the Create Bulk Orders tab.




  • Payment methods for Bulk Orders are currently limited to Postpaid and Payment Plan. Prepaid payment method is unfortunately not available for Bulk Order creation at this time.



4. Temporary Removal of FPX (Prepaid Method)

Description: In effort to speed up transactions and to serve you better, the FPX payment has been temporarily disabled. Don't worry, it'll be back soon and better than before!FPX_Disabled.png

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