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[API Updates] Added New API FieldsUpdated a year ago

The Issue:

Teleport Delivery currently does not capture the delivery pricing on the Order Item level.

Orders created with multiple order items will only reflect the Order level pricing. Each of the order item within the same order will reflect the same Order level pricing.

Order LevelOrder Item Level

Notes: All 3 Order Items within the #C0D42E7F Order now reflect the breakdown amount of RM6.00 per parcel delivery.



The Fix:

We'll be introducing several new fields within the OrderItemResponse, OrderItemGroupResponse and OrderResponse to accurately capture the delivery pricing of each Order Item.

The introduction of these new field will also serve as the foundation for Teleport address misdeclared parcel weight & dimensions in the near future via the system.

New API fields:













Order LevelOrder Item Level




Required Changes:

The introduction of this new field should not affect existing API connections. However, it is advisable to consult with your respective Tech/IT teams to avoid any unforeseen disruptions.  

Pulling of the new fields is optional at this point in time. The existing total_amount fields will still work as normal.

With that being said, the team will be looking to address charge-backs on misdeclared parcel weight & dimensions via the Teleport Delivery system in the near future. Updating your API endpoints will allow you to have more visibility of these charge-backs. We'll be sure to keep you posted on the coming changes!

Lastly, our API document has been updated for further reference.



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