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Mandatory Shipper & Consignee DetailsUpdated a year ago

In accordance to Malaysia's CUSTOMS ACT 1967, any shipment that requires customs clearance (Example: international shipments / shipments between East & West Malaysia) will need to be furnished with the following information:

Part VII - Manifests
Section 52 (3), page 54
"The manifest shall list all particulars as to marks, numbers, contents of each
package of the cargo, destination, together with the names of shippers and consignees of
the cargo."
Part VII - Manifests
(Section 59, page 56)
"The pilot or agent of any aircraft leaving any customs airport shall, not less than
two hours before the departure of such aircraft or such period as the Director General
may determine, whichever is lesser, present to the proper officer of customs a true
outward manifest of the aircraft in the National Language or in English, in the prescribed
form and certified by such pilot or agent, containing all particulars as to marks, numbers
and contents of each package loaded at such customs airport and the names of the
consignors and consignees of the same."


Reference: Malaysia Customs Act 1967


All courier service providers and eCommerce platforms are required to provide the above information when shipping with Teleport

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