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[IMPORTANT] Parcels with Improper Plastic Packaging will be RejectedUpdated a year ago


Effective immediately, all parcels wrapped in improper plastic packaging as per the sample images above, will no longer be accepted. Our pick-up drivers have been informed to reject all parcels with such packaging. All parcels that have been picked-up with such packaging will be returned accordingly.

Resource: Parcel Packaging Guidelines



This new enforcement is inline with MAA Cargo Manual Issue 10 Rev01 which states the following:

Chapter 3.1.1 General Provision Items that are damaged or defined as not safe and/or fit-to-fly should not be accepted during the
acceptance process.


Chapter 3.1.4 Unacceptable Shipments Some shipments are unacceptable for carriage by MAA’s aircraft. these shipment include:

a. Content which may injure the staff, damage the aircraft, equipment or other shipments.

b. Shipments that are:

  1. Not properly marked or packed to avoid injury to personnel and property;
  2. Not strong enough to sustain transfer transhipments;

c. Cargo weights that are not identified, unknown or not confirmed in a competent way.

d. Cargo that may not suitable to be handled and transported as bulk loading due to the nature of the commodity and require special handling such as hatch eggs or for human consumption (eggs
may be carried and loaded using ULD).

e. Unacceptable shipments are subject to be returned to the shipper.


Chapter 3.6.1 Examination of Cargo Packing must be done according to the content specifications, properties, features and in good
condition for carriage.


Notice issued by: AirAsia Cargo

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