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Delivery mistakes that costed RM25KUpdated 9 months ago

Dear valued client,

It is our commitment to provide the best service with transparency at Teleport. 

As such, we would like to (i) share about a recent incident which resulted in severe consequences and (ii) actions moving forward to prevent future incidents. 


(i) Incident

Two shipments from KUL - KCH and KUL - BKI on 15th November 2022 were detained by customs on two (2) counts of conduct breach: for containing prohibited items (dried pork) and for providing insufficient item description (shipment was declared as just "dry food"). As a result:

  1. A compound of RM 25,000 was issued by the Department of Veterinary Services to the shipment recipient.
  2. A compound of RM 5,000 was issued to Teleport Commerce Malaysia Sdn Bhd for breaching PART XIV - OFFENCES AND PENALTIES, Section 133 (1a), page 115 of the Malaysia CUSTOMS ACT 1967.
  3. All shipments on the same air waybill were held by customs which led to late deliveries and breaches of Teleport's delivery SLAs.mceclip0.png

(ii) Moving Forward

We don't believe in dwelling on the past! As such, we need your help to observe these actions and prevent such incidents in the future:

  1. Please do not attempt sending items listed on our Prohibited Items list.
    In accordance to Sabah's Animal Enactment 2015 PART III 5 1(a) and Sarawak's Veterinary Public Health Ordinance 1999 PART III 9 (1), shipping of meat products to Sabah / Sarawak is strictly prohibited unless proper import permit is present.
  2. Kindly ensure the correct Commodity Type / HS code is used when creating an order.
  3. It is now mandatory to provide a description (brand + item) of the shipped items in the Customer reference 1 field provided (as shown below); especially when shipping more sensitive categories like health & beauty items.image_2022-11-21_10-47-15.png


We hope to foster a better and stronger partnership with you by bringing this recent incident to light.


Connect with us if you have any questions or require clarification via our website’s Live Chat or [email protected]. We thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.

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