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[IMPORTANT] New Password RequirementsUpdated a year ago


In an effort to better safeguard your data and your customer's data in Teleport Delivery, we'll be tightening the password protocol requirements. This new password protocol will greatly reduce the risk of any successful brute force attack and your data from being compromised.


Expected Implementation Date: TBC



4 New Password Protocol Changes

  1. Password complexity for all user accounts must contain the following requirements:
    • Minimum password length of 20 characters.
    • Must contain at least one (01) capital letter (i.e A-Z).
    • Must contain at least one (01) small letter (i.e a-z).
    • Must contain at least one (01) numeric character (i.e 0-9).
    • Must contain at least one (01) special character / symbol (e.g *, -, +, -, etc.).
  2. New account lockout policy:
    • Lockout threshold: 5 attempts
      (Users will be locked out of their accounts after 5 failed login attempts)
    • Users will be locked out for 240 minutes (4 hours).
    • Reset lockout after 1 hour.
      (The 5 attempts lockout threshold will be reset after 1 hour from the time of attempt)
  3. New passwords cannot be the same as the last two recently changed passwords.
  4. Minimum idle period policy: 15 minutes
    (Users will be logged out of their account if idle for 15 minutes)




  1. All users will be required to set a new password that meets the new password protocol. Failure to do so will result in the user being locked out from their account until a new password is set.
  2. All users will now automatically be logged out from their account if left idle for 15 minutes.
  3. API users will be required to generate a new bearer token every 15 minutes of being idle (no new orders being created).



Additional Tools

1. Password Generator - If you are struggling to formulate a password that meets our new password protocol, you may rely on the following tool to help you with that.

Password Generator


2. Password Vault - Afraid of forgetting your password? We all are. Thankfully, there are free tools available like Bitwarden to help store and safeguard your passwords.

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