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[IMPORTANT] Mandatory Item DescriptionsUpdated 9 months ago

It is now mandatory to provide an item description (brand + item + volume[e.g. 50ml]) of the shipped items in the Customer reference 1 field provided (as shown below):


This change is to help speed up the customs clearing process and significantly reduces the risk of parcels being held up at customs for further inspections.

Notes: Item Descriptions provided will not be visible/presented to any delivery personnel. Collected information will only be provided to customs officers solely for the purpose of clearing the customs checkpoint.



Upcoming Changes:

Expected Release: Jan 2023

  • Customer reference 1 field will be renamed as ‘Item Description’.
  • Customer reference 1 field will be made mandatory for all shipments East Malaysia < >West Malaysia, Sabah < > Sarawak, All International.
  • A placeholder text “e.g. 300g of Abadi Chili Powder” will be added.
  • A hover over note: “A clear description of your item will help it pass through customs clearance without a hitch” will be added.



API Merchant Documentations:

If you are an API merchant, it is crucial that you implement the necessary changes to ensure that the item descriptions are provided and pointing to the correct field.


Example: (refer to line 43)



Additional Resource:

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective Account Managers or via the live chat found on our website.


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