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What are Prohibited Items?

The following items (or any item similar to the description or content) are strictly prohibited. Any shipment containing such items may be subjected to their order being cancelled without notice. Items that fall under these list are prohibited. Teleport Delivery will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the prohibited item(s). No compensation for loss or damage will be given. If you have any questions or enquiries about this matter, feel free to contact us.

Prohibited Items List

Aerosol Electronic appliances Paint
Alcohol Electronic devices / products Perishable goods
Animals of any form (alive or dead) Firecrackers Powerbank
Animal antiquities Fire extinguisher Plants / seeds
Articles of unusual value Food Seat belt tensioner
Batteries / lithium-ion batteries Furs Sexual explicit content
Biological samples Hazardous goods / toxic powder Sinks
Currency / money / cheque / coin / cash / gold / silver bullions Jewellery Stamps (unless franked)
Chainsaw Knives Steering wheel
Counterfeit / pirated goods and materials Lighter Toilet fittings
Cyanides or precipitates Liquid Laptop
Driving licence / birth cert / identification card / passport / debit card / credit card Lottery tickets Waste
Drugs (including prescription  ) / narcotics / tobacco Milk powder War savings
Dry ice Mobile phone / telephone SIM & prepaid cards Weapons (real or fake)
Engines Oil  

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