How do I pack shipment?

The choice of packaging used will depend on the type of product you are shipping. Your parcel will travel hundreds of kilometers, hence it is important to ensure they are securely packed. Packaging should withstand:

  1. Possible rough handling during loading and unloading;
  2. Compression from the overhead weight of other containers;
  3. Impact and vibration during transportation;
  4. High humidity during precooling, transit, and storage (especially important if shipping perishable items).

Some general guidelines:

  1. Leave no empty space for parcels to move around in the box during transit. Use materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts to provide at least 2 to 3 inches of protection.
  2. Place goods that might be affected by water in a plastic wrapping.
  3. Use a sturdy/rigid box. If using recycled boxes, cover up any special handling labels (flammable, explosive, UN labeling, etc). Your shipment will be rejected if such labels are visible, regardless of the contents.
  4. Use the H-taping method to securely seal your package.