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Bulk Orders Upload Template

Do not remove row 1 and save the file in CSV format to avoid upload errors

Template Fields Guide

Field Name Field Type Field Description
destination_name Mandatory Recipient's name
destination_email Mandatory Recipient's email
destination_tel Mandatory Recipient's contact number
destination_address Mandatory Recipient's address
destination_region Mandatory State
destination_locality Mandatory City
destination_country_id Mandatory eg. MY, SG, TH or ID
destination_postal_code Mandatory Postcode
quantity Mandatory No. of item(s)
length Mandatory in Centimeters (cm)
width Mandatory in Centimeters (cm)
height Mandatory in Centimeters (cm)
weight Mandatory in Kilogram (kg)
commodity_currency_id Mandatory eg. MYR or SGD
commodity_value Mandatory Item's price or value
package_type_slug Mandatory eg. Box or Envelope
commodity_id Mandatory Examples
customer_reference_1 Optional Order No. (recommended)
customer_reference_2 Optional  
delivery_instruction Optional Delivery instructions
order_item_customer_reference_1 Optional Item's name
order_item_customer_reference_2 Optional  
is_delivered_duty Leave as blank  
delivered_duty_currency_id Leave as blank  
delivered_duty_amount Leave as blank  
is_mpc Leave as blank  
order_item_customer_tracking_number Leave as blank  
destination_geo Leave as blank  
console_tag_number Leave as blank  
air_waybill_number Leave as blank  
product_sku Leave as blank  


Frequently Used Commodity IDs

Commodity ID Commodity Description
602109000 Plant
2106901900 Perishable Food
989 Food preparations, nes
901211000 Coffee
902409000 Tea
712909090 Dry Foods
2106909900 Ready to Eat Food
7323999000 Decor goods
8517909900 Telecommunication Parts And Equipments
8473290000 Computers Parts
3808999000 Pesticides
4100020000 Birds Nest
2008199900 Nuts and Groundnuts
9701900000 Home and Lifestyle
3304999000 Beauty
6217109000 Accessories
6403999000 Footwear
4091999000 Documents
8708999900 Automotive Accessories
9101190000 Watches
9503009000 Toys
9506999000 Sport and Leisure
4201000000 Pet Accessory
8517120000 Mobile Phones
7117199000 Jewelry
9403909000 Home Decor
8516909000 Home Appliances
3304993000 Health and Beauty
6209304000 Fashion Accessories
6205209000 Fashion
1905908000 Dry Food
8471499000 Computers and Laptops
8525805900 Cameras
4901999000 Books
9504909900 Board Games
4202999000 Bags and Luggages
89849 Other media for the recording of sound/of other phenomena, including matrices & masters for the production of discs, but excluding products of group 88
89846 Semiconductor media for the recording of sound/of other phenomena
89844 Optical media for the recording of sound/of other phenomena
89842 Magnetic media for the recording of sound/of other phenomena
84625 Other women's full-length/knee-length hosiery, measuring per single yarn < 67 decitex
84624 Other panty hose & tights
84623 Graduated compression hosiery (eg. stockings for varicose veins)
79284 Balloons & dirigibles; gliders, hang gliders & other non-powered aircraft
77813 Waste & scrap of primary cells, primary batteries & electric accumulators; spent primary cells, spent primary batteries & spent electric accumulators; electrical parts of machinery/apparatus, n.e.s.
77646 Amplifiers of electronic integrated circuits
77644 Memories of electronic integrated circuits
77642 Processors & controllers, whether/not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock & timing circuits,/other circuits