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Teleport DashboardUpdated 9 months ago

 Real-time utilization reports  

The Teleport dashboard can be utilized to track your order history and the activity of your delivery. It is designed to allow customers to track their parcels at any time and from anywhere, with it’s user-friendly interface. 



Select the dropdown > Select your organisation




Dashboard Data


DateFilter your reporting start & end date.
Total amountTotal amount spent on orders placed with Teleport.
Total ordersFor all orders with the following status: Pending, Delivering & Delivered


Orders awaiting pick up by Teleport / Logistics partner
DeliveringOrders that are currently in-progress for delivery
DeliveredOrders that have successfully been delivered
CancelledOrders that have been cancelled. (Need to cancel an order? Here's how)



Exporting Dashboard Data

If you'd like to download the dashboard data / graph for reporting or further analysis, you may do so by clicking the sandwich menu (☰) and select Download SVG / PNG / CSV


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