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Parcel packing guidelinesUpdated 10 months ago

Pack it right with Teleport

Following our packing guidelines will help ensure all your parcels arrive safely in the hands of your recipients in a timely manner!

The objective of a good packaging is threefold:

  1. Maintain the condition of contents.
  2. Prevent and/or contain any spillage or leakage during handling throughout the entire transportation.

Packaging should withstand:

  • Possible rough handling during loading and unloading;
  • Compression from the overhead weight of other containers;
  • Impact and vibration during transportation;
  • High humidity during precooling, transit, and storage.



Documentation Guidelines

Consignment Note

All parcels must have Consignment Note printed clearly and securely attached to the package.

The consignment note contains all important shipping information. As such, it is crucial that:

  • Shipper & recipient details are clearly visible
  • Barcodes & QR codes are not scratched, torn or damaged





Packaging Guidelines

Packaging of all general cargo shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Recycled carton box are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  2. Cushioning materials must be placed inside of the inner packaging as the absorbent to a proportion of the kinetic energy arising when the package suffers impact or is dropped and increase the braking distance of the package contents. Correct selection and sizing of the cushioning material thus ensure that the package content suffers no damage.

Box-in-Box Packing Method

  • Wrap product(s) individually with at cushioning material to fit snugly inside a corrugated box.
  • Restrict product movement inside the box using filler like crumpled newspaper, loose fill peanuts, or other cushioning material.
  • Close and tape the inner box using the H taping method. This will help prevent accidental opening.





Labeling Guideline

Fragile goods are cargo that are deemed easily damaged. Due to the potential damage of fragile goods, these cargos will require careful handling in acceptance, storage, handling, and transportation by truck or aircraft.

It is advisable to label fragile cargo with “Fragile” stickers.

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