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3. Create address bookUpdated a year ago

Create/Update your contacts list!

This step is especially helpful for businesses with recurring customers! With your customer's shipping details added ahead of time, you'll be able easily create orders for this group of customers.


If you have no recurring customers, it is also a great idea to add your shipment pickup locations ahead of time!



1. Navigate to your organization dashboard by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting your organization. Dashboard.gif





3. Select CREATE



4. In the pop up window, enter your customer's addressenter_location.png


5. Fill up all the mandatory fields and click SAVE


  • Geolocation accuracy should be set to Exact location unless Google Maps is unable to locate your exact location.
  • Kindly ensure the Address field contains your full accurate address.
  • Purposes should be set to Delivery address (Customers) and Pick-up address (Sender)



Note(s): The bulk creation function is limited to Pro users with > 300parcels / month


Congratulations! You've successfully topping up your prepaid credits

What's Next?

Complete the following next steps to make order creation easier:

  1. Add product catalogue


Jump straight into creating your first order with Teleport.


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